SOLVENTS: Includes a wide range of solvents used for the complete process of varnishing the furniture from: cleaning guns and accessories for varnishing, solvents to reduce the viscosity of varnishes, to promote extensibility, avoid veiling, etc. All of them marketed under the name of VICUSOL (VICUSOL UNIVERSAL CLEANING, VICUSOL POLYURETHANE, VICUSOL RETARDANT …)

TONERS:Concentrated solvent, used to match the furniture color. They are manufactured in different shades from walnut, hazelnut, honey, mahogany … with a great resistance to light and to the acids of the catalysts.

• Solvent dyes
• Hydro-alcoholic dyes
Formulated with high quality dyes, with good chemical resistance (against polyacrylic funds) and physical resistance, with a wide range of colors as well as customized at the request of the client.

POLYURETHANE TRANSPARENT, ENTONATED AND PIGMENTED FUNDS: Wide variety of polyurethane funds of two components, from half covering power to funds with a high covering power. Good transparency, easy sanding and resistance to yellow. Whites funds with very good covering and sanding.

TRANSPARENT POLYURETHANE FINISHES:Two component finishing touch, with excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, good slip. Application by electrostatic or aerographic spray gun. Good behavior in applications in vertical avoiding the sag. High gloss finishing touch, glazed, matt or super matt.

PIGMENTED POLYURETHANE FINISHES: Finishes whites or any lacquered color ( on customer’s sample or on cards (RAL, NCS, PANTONE)) and in different matts. High quality finishing touch with good surface properties and resistance to yellowing.


Special effects for wood:
-blackboard effect
-Chrome, copper, gold, imitation gold leaf …
-Oxide effect
– Rubber effect
-Ice effect
-Antibacterial paint
-Anti-mosquito paint
-Magnetic painting (magnet effect)
-Fluorescent painting

• VICULAC NF-33: Nitrocellulose base with a single component, good hiding power, quick drying, easily sandable, good resistance to veil in cold and humid weather.
• VICULAC NA GLOSSY / GLAZED / MATT Finishing touch of a single component Nitrocellulose, for the finishing of furniture, is served in all grades of matt. High coverage and good resistance to solvents, providing an excellent touch.


FUNDS AND POLYACRÍLICS FINISHES: Products of three components. High coverage funds and easy sanding, with high solids content. Finishes with excellent hardness and touch, in high gloss and matt. Application by gun or curtain.


FUNDS AND UV FINISHES: one component with physical drying in U.V. Easy sanding Finishes with excellent hardness and touch.