SURFACES: brass-iron-zamak-bronze-aluminum ….

SOLVENTS: Wide range of solvents used for the entire varnishing process:

• VICUSOL CLEANING: For cleaning guns and accessories for varnishing.
• VICUSOL PATINAS, VICUSOL BRASOLINAS: Solvents to dilute patinas and brasolinas.
• VICUSOL LN Nº1: Special solvent for cleaning the pieces after patina, in order to eliminate the remains of patinas and carry out a small degreasing of the piece.
• VICUSOL ELECTRO: Universal solvent for adjusting the viscosity and resistance of varnishes.

SKATES: Special product for the imitation of the different metals chemical oxidation. Depending on the way of elimination of the patinas, we have different products which adapt to the needs of each client and each completion piece:

• EASY CLEANING SHEETS (handy, simple removal),
They are applied with a gun or immersion and there is a wide range of colours for each type of skate.

• WASH PRIMER: Two component anticorrosive primer that protects any iron surface from oxidation, besides improving the grip of any varnish that is applied as decoration or protection. Very fast drying. It is manufactured in yellow, white and black.
• MONOCOMPONTE PRIMER: This type of primer, besides protecting and avoiding iron oxidation, improves the grip on any metallic surface. It is manufactured in black and white color.

• VICULAC AIR DRYING: Room temperature drying varnish, applied either to immersion or with an air / electrostatic gun. Completely colorless, suitable for the varnishing of pieces where it is required a great transparency. It is also manufactured in any lacquered color, in addition to metallic colours, textured, silver, chrome, nickel and champagne.
• VICULAC E-110 ELECTRO: One of the best varnishes for the metal market, varnishing fittings, cranks, lamps … Varnish of great hardness, brightness and resistance to salt spray, very transparent appearance. Its drying must be in the oven, temperature at 120ºC for 20 minutes. It can be applied by immersion or by an air / electrostatic gun. It is manufactured in any gloss grade, from high gloss to super matte. In addition there is a large number of colours and effects: forge effect, metallic, textured, soft effect, pearly …
• VICULAC E-140 ELECTRO: One-component varnish, drying oven at 130-140ºC, 20 min., With a high solids content, it gives the piece more body in the varnish, greater coverage, hardness and scratch resistance. It is manufactured in any gloss grade, and in a wide variety of colours and effects.
• VICULAC E-150 ELECTRO: one component varnish, non yellowing and totally colorless. Drying oven T = 150ºC, for 30 min. It is used for varnishing of silver, or any type of support where the original color of the piece must not be altered.
• VICULAC E-790 ELECTRO: One component varnish, drying oven at 140º-150ºC, for 30 minutes, it is used in pieces where it is a good covering, hardness and resistance required. It is manufactured in any gloss grade and a wide variety of colors.